How to Change Themes in ProtonMail and Modify the layout

themes in ProtonMail

Customization is an important part of any online service or platform. By allowing users to apply changes in visual aspects and other functions, general experience improves and this will bring more and more people to such service. Themes are common but very effective customization tools that allow to change color in any web-based solution, such as ProtonMail.

ProtonMail is an email service that focuses on privacy and confidentially, so users can rest assured respecting their personal information and general security online. However, such approach does not mean that highly advanced customization features cannot be included. ProtonMail provides different personalization options and themes. Let´s see how you can use them.

ProtonMail: A secure and private email solution

In details, ProtonMail is an email platform that includes every feature a traditional email service have. With ProtonMail, users are able to send and receive messages with format, share attachments and documents, create folders and labels, manage spam and more. Nonetheless, similarities end there.

From its foundation and approach, ProtonMail is a platform that focuses in protecting privacy, confidentially and the unnegotiable right every user has to remain anonymous online.

Unfortunately, these are benefits that with other email solutions cannot be taken for granted. Third-party tracking, monitoring, security vulnerabilities, sale of personal information with profit or ad-targeting purposes and general surveillance are just a few issues users face every, respecting their online presence.

With ProtonMail, users avoid all of these delicate issues by working under different technologies that encrypt information, at a software and hardware level. So, distinct protocols and secure networks and servers encrypt data from end-to-end, making it unreadable. And, from the legal standpoint, users´ privacy is protected by strict Swiss privacy laws, since service and headquarters are located in Switzerland.

How to change themes in ProtonMail?

Along with the outstanding privacy-focus features ProtonMail integrates that were mentioned before, there are customization possibilities too. With themes, users can easily change the color and emphasis of every page and the inbox in general.

For example, you can set a dark theme at night so the screen is easier on the eyes, or apply a theme based on your favorite color. Here are the steps on how to change themes in ProtonMail:

  • Open session like you usually would in ProtonMail. Click here and then select the option “Log in” so you can enter your account credentials.
themes in ProtonMail
  • In your inbox, click on the “Settings menu” button at the top right corner. Then, click on “Theme”.
themes in ProtonMail
  • A prompt window will appear where ProtonMail shows you up to six different themes: Proton as default, along with Carbon, Snow, Monokai, Contrast and Legacy. If you click one, it will be immediately applied.
themes in ProtonMail
  • In this case we click on the “Carbon” theme, which is perfect as dark theme to use at night. Click on “OK” and apply changes.
themes in ProtonMail

Another way to change general aspect and visuals is by modifying the layout. Follow these steps to do it:

  • Click on the “Settings menu” button again and the click on “Go to settings”.
themes in ProtonMail
  • On the main menu on the left, click on “Appearance”.
themes in ProtonMail
  • Scroll down and find the layout options. Choose how you want your inbox and composer to look like, as well as message density. Any option you click on will apply changes immediately.
themes in ProtonMail