How to create an account in ProtonMail

ProtonMail account

If you are looking for an email service that actually cares about your privacy and anonymity on the internet, as a right and civil liberty that is unnegotiable even online, ProtonMail is the platform to consider and actually the only one available.

ProtonMail is an encrypted email platform with end-to-end and zero-access security technologies, along with other protocol and hardware-based features that protect users´ personal information.

Since there is no tracking or IP logging and access is so restricted, targeted ads is not something to deal with or third party monitoring, and privacy is guaranteed even at a legal level. This is due to the fact that ProtonMail is based in Switzerland and EU and the US government have no jurisdiction.

But, how to create an account in ProtonMail to actually use the service? Here are the easy steps to follow

Steps to create ProtonMail account

For you to be able to get advantage of a ProtonMail account and have a completely private email solution, you need an account:

  • To start, open a new window or tab on your internet browser of choice. Locate the URL bar usually placed on top of the screen and enter the URL address: “”.  the ProtonMail homepage should appear.
create ProtonMail account
  • Once the homepage is loaded, to start the registration process click on the “Sign up” button located on the top right corner.
create ProtonMail account
  • By doing so, the platform will show you the four types of ProtonMail accounts available. Three of them are paid accounts with specific features: “Plus”, “Visionary” and “Professional” while the first one is a free option with limited characteristics.
create ProtonMail account
  • To complete the process, let´s click on the “Free” option and in this way get the account. Users can change the account type and enjoy more benefits down the line.
  • By clicking on it, the platform displays the advantages of the account. In this case, features are: 500 MB of storage, limited support and 150 messages per day. Click on “Select free plan” to continue.
create ProtonMail account
  • The registration process should start with the platform asking for the next information: username, password and repeat password. Fill in the blanks with the requested information and click on “Create account”.
create ProtonMail account
  • If the information is valid, the platform will ask for a recovery method in the next screen. You can choose between phone or email as recovery method. In case you do not want to set this parameter, you may click on “Skip”. If you actually enter a recovery method, click on “Next”
  • Now, as last step ProtonMail will ask you to enter a valid email for a one-time only verification, since the platform request knowing if you are actually a human. Enter the email address and click on “Get verification code”.
  • In this last page, the platform will ask you to enter the coded received in the email account you enter previously. Click on “Verify” and if the code is correct, your ProtonMail account should be all set and ready to use. Your inbox will appear in a few seconds.
create ProtonMail account
create ProtonMail account