How to install ProtonVPN for free

ProtonVPN virtual private network

Counting on with a VPN nowadays is something almost mandatory, if we want to protect our privacy online and avoid IP tracking and general surveillance. The good news is, users have the possibility of relying on a powerful, easy to use and reliable VPN for free with ProtonVPN.

Know more about this outstanding virtual private network that let users rest assured respecting their privacy and confidentiality online. ProtonVPN is a platform designed and operated by Proton Technologies AG, the same company behind ProtonMail as the most secured and world´s biggest encrypted email service available.

ProtonVPN: Private and secure internet browsing for everyone

With ProtonVPN, users are going to be able to encrypt traffic, IP address, password, browsing history and personal data, so no service can track or monitor them. Therefore, browsing the web will be completely safe and private, since third-party applications, services and webpages will not have access to sensitive information and location.

To achieve this, ProtonVPN is based on different security protocols and encryption specifications, such as: OpenVPN with UDP, TCP and AES-256 encryption and the IKEv2 protocol. Also, this VPN relies on a Secure Core network of servers located in Iceland and Switzerland, where the company is actually is headquartered.

In this way, information is encrypted with a server network that is located in privacy-friendly countries. Swiss privacy laws do not respond to USA or UE jurisdiction respecting asking for users´ personal data online.

ProtonVPN works like an actual virtual private network: it is a no-logs platform, so tracking activities is off the table. Unfortunately, some VPNs actually access users´ personal data or let third parties to take advantage.

Installing and using ProtonVPN completely free

Due to the features that were mentioned before, as well as other characteristics like: ease of use, multiplatform support for different operating systems, fast speed and global availability, ProtonVPN is a service to consider.

Luckily, there is a free version available and this is how you can use it:

ProtonVPN virtual private network
  • ProtonVPN´s official homepage will appear. Click on “Get ProtonVPN Free” on the green button.
ProtonVPN virtual private network
  • The platform is going to show the available plans to choose: Free, Basic, Plus and Visionary. In this case, click on “Get Free” below the plan description.
ProtonVPN virtual private network
  • Now, fill out the Sign up corresponding registration that shows. Add a valid username, a password and an active email address.
  • When you have finished entering the requested information, click on “Create account”.
ProtonVPN virtual private network
  • In the next screen, ProtonVPN needs to know if you are a human. Complete the verification process by choosing between “SMS” or “Email address” so you can receive a code. Then, click on “Send”.
ProtonVPN virtual private network
  • Enter the received code via email or SMS and then click on “Verify”.
ProtonVPN virtual private network
  • If everything went OK, you should be enjoying of a ProtonVPN account already.
ProtonVPN virtual private network

With your free account of ProtonVPN, you receive protection for one device, medium speed and access to geo-blocked content. For more features, you can upgrade anytime to the available paid plans. You count on with the ProtonVPN app for Android, iOS, Windows, MacOS and Chromebook.