ProtonMail: Upgrade plans, differences and advantages

ProtonMail Upgrade

There is only one secure email service provider in the world, and is ProtonMail. With this platform, users can rest assured about their privacy, security and confidentiality online.

This is thanks to a different set of advanced features, protocols, geographic location and even laws that guarantee the protection of personal information. Individual confidentiality online is seen as an unnegotiable human right by ProtonMail developers.

ProtonMail Upgrade

Every email and connection in ProtonMail is end-to-end encrypted, with different protocols that go from Zero Access to RSA and AES-256. Not enough with that, encryption reaches hardware level with biometric-secured data centers and protected hard disks. Every server is located in Switzerland, so Swiss privacy laws protect user´s personal information.

Now, knowing the general benefits of ProtonMail we can address the different account types to start using the platform.  There are up to four different service plans to choose from, with one of them for free and three others that are direct upgrades. Let´s compare them and see their differences and advantages.

Free account: Basic features

The Free account is the most basic plan. With no charge, users are able to use ProtonMail in a very decent way and take advantage of an encrypted email solution. Upgrade to another plan is available anytime. The characteristics and benefits of this plan are:

  • 500 megabytes of total storage capacity for emails and attachments.
  • User can send up to 150 emails per day.
  • Limited support.

More advanced security features and other ProtonMail-related platform are not included, such as ProtonVPN or ProtonDrive.

ProtonMail Upgrade

Plus account: Encrypted email for everyone

The Plus plan is the best and most suitable for the majority of users, offering highly advanced security features, wider support and more features. For 4 dollars a month, users get:

  • 5 GB of storage capacity for attachments, messages and more.
  • Users can send up to 1.000 messages per day.
  • Customization options for filters, labels and folders.
  • Compatibility of encrypted emails to be sent to other email service provider.
  • Possibility of choosing a proper domain.
  • Complete customer support
  • Right to use up to 5 different email nicknames for more security.

With this account, any person can have access to encrypted emailing and enjoy other benefits, such as counting on with cloud storage with ProtonDrive.

ProtonMail Upgrade

Visionary account: Perfect account for online privacy enthusiast

This is the most comprehensive service plan ProtonMail offers to individuals. It includes special features and all of the aforementioned in the previous account type. Subscribers enjoy of:

  • 20 GB of total storage capacity.
  • The possibility to use up to 50 email nicknames.
  • Compatibility with up to 10 different domains.
  • Up to 6 different users with one account (Multi-user support) ideal for small businesses and groups.
  • Unlimited number of messages to send.
  • Early access to new features.
  • Complete customer support.

This plan costs 24 dollars a month and includes ProtonDrive and ProtonVPN. Like this, users can get advantage of highly advanced features, not only respecting email platforms but also browsing the internet in general.

ProtonMail Upgrade

ProtonMail also offers the Professional plan, which is specifically designed for organizations, companies and large businesses. This account includes concrete corporate features: administrative control, security control and migration tools, among other.

ProtonMail Upgrade