What are Archive and Spam folders in ProtonMail and what are they for?

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ProtonMail is the email service provider that focuses on giving users actual privacy and confidentiality online, as benefits that must be a priority nowadays. Along these lines, this is possible thanks to different security protocols, encryption technologies and a general approach, which guarantee overall private use.

As default options, ProtonMail includes different folders for the users to move messages into and have a cleaner and organized inbox and layout. For instance, two of these folders are the Archive container and the Spam container, having the two established functions in storing and keeping our email platform safe.

What is the Archive folder and what is it for in ProtonMail?

To begin with, the Archive folder is one of the default containers available in ProtonMail. So, this specific folder work as a long-term box, sort of speak, where the user is going to be able to store all the email they want to, and at the same time have them at hand for quick use or reference.

The Archive folder is shown to the left on the folder panel and by clicking it, you will have access just as you see on the image below.

proton mail folder

As you can see, the Archive folder is empty. Actually, the whole point of the Archive folder to be available is for the user to move messages from other folders to it, and this is how you do it:

  • Go to the folder where the message you want to move actually is. In this case, the email is in the inbox. Then, go to the tool panel on the top of the emails list and click on “Archive”.
proton mail folder
  • Immediately, the platform has moved the message from the inbox to the Archive folder. In fact, a notification appears letting you know that the process is done successfully.
proton mail folder
  • As you can see, the message is now in the Archive folder for quick further reference.
proton mail folder
  • By using the tool panel on top of the emails list, you can manage messages on the Archive folder. For example, mark emails as read or unread, move them to trash, and move them to inbox again or to any other folder and put labels too.

What is the Spam folder in ProtonMail?

proton mail folder

The Spam folder has the function of storing messages that are irrelevant for the user or even harmful in case they contain malware. ProtonMail as platform knows when a message might be spam and put it on the corresponding folder.

However, you can do it manually. To mark an email as Spam, open it like you normally would and click on “Move to Spam”, as option located in the tool panel on top of the emails list. The icon is a flame.

proton mail folder

Right away, the message disappears from the origin folder and is put in the Spam one. A notification screen shows that the sender goes to the Block List as well, so risk of getting spam messages in the inbox decrease.

proton mail folder

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