What is ProtonDrive


Nowadays, most common and competitive email providers include an extensive set of services for users to take advantage of, which they can use through their accounts. Respecting ProtonMail as private and secure email solution, other apps make part of the service platform that enhance the experience. One of these applications is ProtonDrive by ProtonMail. 

However, what is ProtonDrive exactly? Let´s address the details of this app, its functionality and purpose in general and learn how to use it properly. ProtonDrive is part of other services provided by ProtonMail, which are ProtonCalendar and ProtonVPN. All of the services provide the same security and privacy features and confidentiality approach the main ProtonMail service does. 

ProtonDrive by ProtonMail: Cloud solution for users

Specifically, ProtonDrive is the specialized and secure cloud storage solution provided by ProtonMail. As the main email platform, this storage service includes of the interesting features that guarantee privacy and confidentiality online. 


For example, ProtonDrive is encrypted by using end-to-end and zero-access protocols, along with other security features. The company keeps all of its servers and hardware in Switzerland, so emails, personal documents and general data are protected from third parties, even from the legal standpoint. 


ProtonDrive is the latest addition to the ProtonMail ecosystem, along with ProtonCalendar and ProtonVPN. All of the aforementioned solutions provide a secure and private set of online services, perfect for concerned users about their personal information respecting third-party access. 


Currently, ProtonMail offers ProtonDrive as a beta service, available in any of the paid plans. Unfortunately, the encrypted cloud storage platform is not included in the free plan. 


However, benefits overcome the investment and having the Plus service plan definitely worth it. Security advantages include avoiding changes in content, file names, users´ personal storage structure and even adding new files, in case an intruder gains access to a server. 

What can you do with ProtonDrive?

The main function of ProtonDrive is to store and save user´s personal files. The platform allows saving from documents in general to media and other type of data. Whether the user saves photos, text documents, videos, audio files, PDFs or any other, once the files get uploaded they are available from any device. The user open session and their files are ready to use. 

And of course, every file that you upload is automatically encrypted and at the same time such information is available seamlessly. For instance, you are able to download and preview uploaded files and organize the personal information with folders. Other actions to carry out are moving, deleting and renaming files any time. 

Also, the cloud storage platform allows you to share files online with your contacts through links, as well as saving email attachments by taking available free space. With ProtonDrive, personal information and files are safe and protected against hardware damage or accidental deletion. 

How to get ProtonDrive by ProtonMail?

Start enjoying ProtonDrive by ProtonMail by upgrading from the free plan to one of the paid options. You will be able to choose the Plus plan for individuals, the Professional plan for businesses and the Visionary plan for families and small teams.