What is ProtonVPN by ProtonMail and what is it for?


Nowadays, browsing the web anonymously and privately is getting more and more difficult. Millions of websites, online services and companies behind these platforms have the interest of tracking and monitoring users, just like that. The purpose of this is to obtain profit or to sell them products better through ad targeting. Due to all of this and more, using a VPN these days is critical and ProtonVPN by ProtonMail has been created to provide this valuable privacy feature.

Know more about ProtonVPN as a powerful platform to enjoy the internet freely, confidentially and safely. Behind this service there is a skilled team of professionals, which is no other than the ones that built ProtonMail, the world´s largest encrypted and safest email solution you can find.


What is ProtonVPN? More details about this powerful platform

Specifically, ProtonVPN is a VPN or virtual private network solution designed by the same team that created ProtonMail. Therefore, this VPN platform is based on the values of privacy, confidentiality, online personal integrity and the right to remain anonymous in the internet.


Such characteristics define ProtonVPN and ProtonMail as core foundations defined by Proton Technologies AG, the Swiss company behind them. Actually, technical resources, management and locations are the same in Switzerland. This means both platforms are protected by Swiss online privacy laws, so the United States and European Union do not have jurisdiction, and this is a big deal.

In more details, ProtonVPN is a platform that allows the users to encrypt and hide their online data, IP, location and more. In this way, the service guarantees privacy, freedom and security by avoiding censorship, third-party access, unauthorized surveillance, slowdowns in internet speed and more. With ProtonVPN, the internet traffic you generate is encrypted and protected.

In order to achieve its function, ProtonVPN takes advantage of different protocols systems: point-to-point encrypted OpenVPN based on TCP and UDP, and on the IKEv2 protocols. The platform uses the AES-256 encryption standard as well.

Characteristics and benefits of ProtonVPN

While in principle a VPN is designed to protect privacy, location, IP address and browsing history in general belonging to any user, sometimes these platforms simply do not do that or become vulnerable. With ProtonVPN, security and privacy is the main focuses.

These are some of the most important features provided by ProtonVPN:

  • Secure Core Network: in order to encrypt traffic, IP and data ProtonVPN redirect such information to a secure server network. Such servers are located in Switzerland and Iceland. In this way, IP address remains hidden and privacy laws protect data too.
  • Perfect Forward Secrecy: with this technology, captured traffic in case of vulnerability cannot be decrypted later.
  • Headquarters and servers in Switzerland: more than 1000 servers that make possible the ProtonVPN network to exist are Swiss-based. UE and American laws do not have jurisdiction in this countries.
  • No-logs operation: it might sound redundant or obvious, but ProtonVPN operates under a policy of no-logs and no tracking. Others VPN do this while their purpose is to do the opposite.
  • DNS and Web-RTC blocking: this VPN does not allow DNS, WEB-RTC and IPS to access real IP addresses.
  • Tor compatibility: with a click of a button, ProtonVPN redirects traffic to the Tor network.

Among other advantages, ProtonVPN is a multiplatform service available for Windows, MacOS, iOS, iPadOS, Linux, Android and Chromebook. It can be installed in up to 10 devices per user. Also, the VPN is easy to use, with a free subsidized option, fast by including unlimited bandwidth and available all around the world.